Thursday, September 29, 2011

Start something in your area!

A Suggestion On How to Get Started

Every American, somewhere in their heart, believes that we live by a set of principals. Recently those principals are hard to find in the harsh environment that exists around us. Below you will find a few suggestions on how to get people around you engaged and ready to bring much needed citizen input to the land we love. These are suggestions.

 Find like minded people.
Friends, family, groups you are a member of, churches, civic organizations, parenting groups, etc. but in this labor market be careful, sometimes co-workers:)

 Meet
around the kitchen table, public library, coffee shop, talk about what you want, identify the problems many share, and build a consensus of purpose. It won't always be pretty, but it gets you started. There are organizations that have their process available online. Try not to reinvent the wheel, some people are already working on this and it may just be a matter of joining your 'reasons' with others.

 Make a list of where, when, who, and how
choose the place that is central, a federal building, a park, the place where you have room to be a group and where others can join you. Be inclusive. And keep peace wherever you are. Check on possible challenges that might arise with each step you complete.

 Technology and Resources
Identify the talents of each person, accept what each has to offer/give to the effort
Utilize the technology available: email, websites to get on board with, and don't forget us; we'll answer questions as quickly as we can, we're all In this together.

Ask an occupier who has the specific skills to fill the specific need
 peacekeeping
 media (online presents, camerapeople, uploaders, needs)
 moderation (for chats, language is key, troll management)
know the difference between a troll and a downtrodden and tired citizen:)
 food
 donations
 facilitators who can keep everyone feeling involved and loved
 legal
 resources (flyers, cards, signs, outreach)
 Scribes – those who document what the group decides, discovers, publishes, submits, says as a group, etc.
these are a few suggestions for getting started, once you have reached a level of organization you will find there are many sources that can help nurture an sustain you in your citizen action. We've been glad to help get you started on your way. We offer you our friendship in solidarity as we reengage with our nation and its foundational principals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.. FOR ALL.